Fishing Regs for Puyallup River

Fishing Regulations for The Puyallup River

Once any adult quota of fish is filled, your not able to fish any longer

Barbless hooks are required from August - November. December 1st you can use barbed hooks.

Only one hook per line until December 1st. After November 30th, treble hooks, and double hook setups are legal.

Night closure in effect until December 1st.

Legal combinations of kept fish (***excluding 2016***)

  • Four pinks
  • Two pinks, two Coho, two Jacks
  • Two pinks, two Coho
  • Two pinks, two Chinook, two Jacks
  • Two pinks, two Chinook
  • Two Coho, four Jacks
  • Two Coho
  • Two Chinook, four Jacks
  • Two Chinook
  • One Coho, one Chinook, four Jacks
  • One Coho, one Chinook
  • Two Chum
  • One Chum, one Coho
  • Two Trout over 14"

CHIN JACK = King jacks or Chinook jacks (12 to less than 24 inches) 
COHO JACK = Silver jacks or Coho jacks (12 to less than 20 inches)


  1. Also after you retain your 2 adults you MAY NOT continue to fish.. This means you have to catch 4 jacks before your 2 adults or between them.

  2. im kinda confused is there an easyer way to under stand this, im neew to salmon fishing in the puyallup, or anywhere

    1. there are only coho in the river right can keep two fish over 20 inches
      if you catch a fish between 12-20 inches, it's considered a jack, and you can keep fishing until you reach your daily limit of two adult fish

  3. It says to release wild Chinook. Can you keep wild Coho/pinks?